Friday, April 30, 2010

Dancing Bags

The ability to find beauty in everyday things isn’t common. Many of us cannot be bothered with simplicity. I find myself being wistful and dreamy over the smallest things. I don’t expect you to completely understand. Actually, if you got all weepy as often as I do, I would think you were seriously lacking the Dude gene. For me it isn’t something that I try to do. Sometimes things just demand my attention.

When I watched this, I was moved. I knew exactly how he felt. To be stopped cold by the overwhelming, consuming, heart wrenching beauty that you absolutely cannot deny. These moments are God moments for me. These are moments when I am aware he’s beside me. When I know he loves me. We all look for signs of his presence in the world; signs that he exists. The signs are everywhere, we just walk past them. Maybe the reason so many people miss them is because they are looking for something bigger. Something more impressive than a dancing bag, but God isn’t like that. He’s subtle. He journeys through our lives with us. He’s constantly at our side like an attentive lover.

We put so much pressure on a relationship to “complete” us. We expect our loved ones to fill all the gaps that we have in our hearts. How would someone, who isn’t complete themselves, complete someone else? It’s not possible. We have to be completed already and only God can grant us that. I say I’m complete, but I don’t want you to think I don’t need you. I need you so badly, words cannot express the void. My life will always be less without you. Where are you Lovey?

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  1. Your blog is so incredibly beautiful... it is so poignant and full of meaning.... it expresses what I cannot say on so many levels... I love you, Nicole... And these letters? they are meant for "him"... and God will make sure that they are delivered... To "him"... right on time... You have rushed ahead so many times... sure that "this" was the "man"... that this was the ... moment... sure that this was "him"... I want you to KNOW that "he" is there waiting... and that one of these breaths will be the "time"... Do not lose heart... The hero is waiting for the perfect moment, the perfect woman... and that woman is "you".... God will make sure that NEITHER is "missed"....